Crimpin' Aint Easy.

No excuesses, Just Climbing.

Hey all!….So, this isn’t my first blog I’ve recorded online, But it is the first climbing one.  So well start off with a little bio…My name is Richie MacLachlan.  I’m from New Jersey born and raised.  The climbing here is quite shitty so that restricts us to either climbing in the gym  or goin up to my New Favorite Place New Paltz, NY(PETERSKILL GUNKS).  I got to school full time for Graphic Design and you can also find me working all week at Jersey Mikes Subs.  If I’m in neither of those places, I’m Climbing in my new home away from home The New Jersey Rock Gym.

I’ve been only climbing for about 6 months now and have already fallen in love.  I was never really the type to do anything active at all…I’m the kid who used to get a nice ole Monitor tan from playing World Of Warcraft all day and night.  So, ironically one night the power went out on my whole street; instantly I knew that a buddy of mine and myself would not be stepping into the Arena that night.  Being super bent about the whole situation I decided to go home and hangout with the family make sure they were okay. ( My Grandmother lives with us)  My Brother had been telling me about this awesome place in Fairfield, NJ that was an amazing workout and a great place to meet new people.  As usual, I let it go in one ear and out of the other.  As soon I realized that the power was not coming back on for a couple of hours, I started to panic.  What was I going to do for 3-4 hours??!??   So, I sucked it up and opened my mind up for a little something eccentric to do.

On the way to the gym, I had this feeling of anxiety+excitement+fear which all equaled up to a great feeling.  I had no Idea what to expect.  I was going over the scenarios in my head over and over again.  I was thinking of there being weights all over the place and muscle bound meat heads who wouldn’t think twice as to knock me out of the way.  So I had my brother explain a little more to me about what I should expect.  He gave me great visuals on what was coming and that the people there were awesome and really helpful for new climbers.  Like I said earlier, I was a huge gamer before climbing and never really got any exercise.

We were finally there, all of the butterflys in my stomach started to disapparate (Harry Potter FTW) and I began to feel level headed.  I had just walked into my new home away from home, Little did I know then.  As were walking around the place my brother is showing me this and that rope climbs boulders etc.  I was in Awe as soon as I started to realize that these people aren’t meat heads, They’re not on roids and they’re actually quite friendly.  I got a pair of Sweet Used shoes from 1995 and started my new journey into the climbing world…Idk from there it’s all kind of a blur.  The first day was probably the worst day ever at the gym, I was hurting so bad the next day and never wanted to go Back!…Until one more day passed and the soreness went away, I could think of nothing else except the feeling of my almost babylike skin touching the plastic holds…..WEll that’s just a little Bio, I’m in class right now and Don’t want my professor getting Irate with me, I will Be back soon with another post…As for now, Orevuar Climbers!